(Menu items subject to change. Please call for daily specials.)

Viener Fest proudly serves Julius Meinl Kaffe, 
the pride of Viennese coffeehouses since 1862



Delicately seasoned potato pancakes, served 10 per order, with apple sauce and sour cream on the side
Sausage Sampler
Three delicious sausages served with house-made German mustard and sauerkraut 
Beer Cheese Dip
A delicious blend of cheeses and beer, served with our extra special pretzel bites  
Pretzel Basket
Warm pretzels, sprinkled with Kosher salt, served with our house-made German mustard 

Fried Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella cheese, lightly breaded and fried, served with marinara sauce for dipping  

Our appetizer cheese plate features a selection of cheeses, along with almonds, dried apricots, fig preserves, and baguette slices

Dinner Salad
Garden-fresh greens, with your choice of dressings: hot bacon, bleu cheese, honey mustard, thousand island, ranch, balsamic vinegar or cream Italian

Like our signature, house-made German mustard?  Take home a jar of Viener Fest mustard for yourself!!

Suppe & Salate
(Soups and Salads)

Spaetzle Soup
Spaetzle and vegetables simmered in a warm broth

Garlic Créme Soup
An Austrian tradition is now a Nashville favorite: our homemade garlic and onion cream soup

Salzburg Sausage Soup
Our chef's own creation blends sausage, potatoes, and vegetables in a thick, delicious broth

Soup and Salad
Enjoy a house salad, with your choice of dressings, along with a bowl of our house-made soup

Schnitzel Salad
Fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, bacon, and cheese with your choice of chicken or pork schnitzel and dressing. 

American Salad
Our traditional Cobb salad with select greens, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, eggs, cucumber, and grilled chicken with your choice of dressing


(Main Courses)

Schnitzel is made from your choice of veal, chicken, pork or eggplant (for a vegetarian option) pounded thin and lightly fried. Also, served with two sides and garnished with a lemon wedge. 
(add $3 for veal, please)

Wiener Schnitzel
Vienna's signature dish! Topped with a lemon slice

Jaeger Schnitzel
Your schnitzel comes topped by a delicious burgundy mushroom sauce. 

Zigeuner Schnitzel
Topped with our "gypsy sauce," made of peppers, tomatoes, onions & mushrooms, spiced with chili paste and paprika 

Holstein Schnitzel
Your schnitzel comes drizzled with a lemon and caper sauce, topped with a fried egg

Rahm Schnitzel
Covered with an aromatic Swiss cheese and cream sauce, redolent with white pepper and nutmeg



All of our sandwiches are served on your choice of bread (marble rye, sourdough or Kaiser roll) and with one side.


Choice of chicken or pork, fried to perfection with lettuce, tomato and onion
Traditional Reuben Sandwich
Corned beef piled high on toasted marble rye, topped with sauerkraut & Swiss cheese, finished with Thousand Island dressing on the side for dipping  
Marinated Chicken Breast
Say "Auf Wiedersehen" to the boring chicken sandwich!  Our perfectly seasoned chicken breast comes atop your choice of bread, with lettuce, tomato, and onion 
The Hamburg Sandwich
We pay tribute to the city that gave us the hamburger: a hand-patted burger with bleu cheese crumbles and locally sourced Batey Farms bacon

The Bauernhaus Burger
What sounds better?  Our already famous burger is topped with thick-sliced Batey Farms bacon and a fried egg 

The Vienna Burger
Your burger, served on a pretzel roll, is topped with braised red cabbage, caramelized onions & beer cheese dip

Wurst Teller


All sausages, made locally for us by Batey Farms, are paired with your choice of one side slices of German rye bread or served as a European style hot dog.

Special blend of lean pork, spiced to perfection  
German Bratwurst, made from lean pork and beef
A blend of pork and beef, accented with Swiss cheese

Mild, smoked sausage seasoned with paprika & spices  

German Frankfurters
A regional favorite, lightly seasoned and delicious. 

Curry Wurst
Austrian/German street food brought home to Nashville. One of our signature wursts, cut into bite-sized chunks, topped with our housemade curry ketchup over a bed of our hand-cut French fries


Traditional Austrian/German egg noodle/dumpling, hancrafted in our kitchen daily.  May be served original or with spinach.  Add a grilled grilled chicken breast for just $2 more.

Gypsy Spaetzle
Made in our own kitchen, served with our tasty Zigeuner sauce (an enticing blend of mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, paprika, & chili paste)

Swiss Cheese Spaetzle
Tender egg noodles, with a creamy Swiss cheese sauce and topped with crispy, fried onions 


Apple Sauce
Housemade French Fries
Braised Red Cabbage
Cucumber Salad
Spaetzle (plain or with spinach)
German Potato Salad




Tender, flaky pastry enrobes a tasty and traditional filling of apples and rum-macerated raisins, served with caramel sauce

Black Forest Cake
Delectable chocolate cake, made richer with chocolate mousse filling, cherries, and whipped cream frosting

German's Chocolate Cake

The all-American favorite with pecan/coconut filling and rich frosting made from Mr. German's special chocolate  

Opera Torte
The ultimate Viennese indulgence: layers of almond sponge cake, separated by coffee cream, topped with dark chocolate ganache 

Sacher Torte
The signature dessert of the famed Hotel Sacher, featuring a filling of apricot jam, served with whipped cream. 

Wunderbar @ Viener Fest
Happy Hour 3 to 7 pm. Tuesday through Friday
A large variety of High and Low Gravity German and Austrian and Domestic Beer, Wines, and Spirits. For complete listing, see Happy Hour tab!

Viener Fest Restaurant and Bar
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